25% to 50% Rebate When You Spend NXE

NewX is the first energy company in South East Asia to let you save money on your power bills when you spend their token on your power bill.

  • Official launch date 23rd March 2023
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Why Invest in NXE?

1. 25% to 50% Cheaper Electricity

NXE allows users to enjoy a 25% to 50% rebate on their electricity bills monthly, with which they can enjoy more than a month of free electricity per year.

2. Earn Up To 16% P.A Interest While You Sleep

NXE tokens are also a form of investment for users, with staking rewards of up to 20% per annum available.

3. Possibly The Next 1 Ox Coin To Rival BNB

Could this be the next 1 Ox opportunity in de-fi crypto?Bitcoin.com thinks so. NXE Presale is Easy Gains, allowing investors to save money on energy while growing the value of their coin.

Over 120 million

Up to 20% per annum
in staking rewards

USD36 billion in annual liquidity

11 additional power plant projects in progress

25% to 50% Rebates on Electricity Bills
Over 1 month of free electricity annually
Up to 60% or 20% pa in staking rewards
110 million tokens
Listed on PacakeSwap
Sustainable business model
120million users
4 people / household
Average cost 100$
3billion per months
36billion per year
327 per year
chart of 10 years price projection

What is NXE?

While the world recovers from the pandemic, inflation is at its highest in 40 years, interest rates are going through the roof along with the uncertainty of the financial markets collapsing.

We need to find new ways of protecting our life savings, and diversifying the risks from our hard earned money.

NewNits (NXE) is a hybrid token, used to decentralize the way we transact on our monthly utility bills. NXE is also designed to be recession proof, making it one of the most conservative cryptocurrency available in the market.

There will always be a demand for electricity in this world, and while the demand is constantly increasing, in line with the rise in global population, a more efficient production of energy is required to bring down the cost of energy.

With our current customer base of up to 120 million users, NXE will be able to generate a potential liquidity of USD$36 billion per annum.

Staking Rewards

Years of Staked Staking Rewards
6 months 8%
1 16% p.a
2 36% @ 18% p.a
3 60% @ 20% p.a

Distribution Of Tokens

Staking Rewards

Community Incentives

Future Expansion





Technical Team


Road Map

  • Q1 2022

    Final Pre Sale of NewNits

    Q2 2022

    Launch NewNits on PancakeSwap Binance

    Q4 2022

    Launching of NXPay, our very own payment gateway. Token holders start using NewNits to pay electricity bills

    Q1 2023

    Commencement of collaborative efforts with other renewable energy companies to participate in NewNits blockchain ecosystem

    Q3 2023

    Energy trading established between key industry leaders and prosumers on a safe, reliable and trustless blockchain

    Q4 2023

    Achieved $327 NewNits Value

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do I purchase NXE token?

NXE is available for purchase on PancakeSwap from 5th May 2022. Click Here

Who is NewX Energy?

NewX Energy is a Singapore-based energy company, managing sister of Bintan Power Plant, that has developed its own IoT technology utilising Artificial Intelligence to gather all related electricity, grid, and transmission information (electricity wastage) transmitted from the power plant via transmission line to end users.

Who is PT Bintan Power Plant?

Bintan Power Plant (BPP) Group was established in 2002 in Indonesia with the strategic aim to develop power plants throughout South East Asia. BPP Group is an energy producer and utility company valued at US$25.4 billion, having secured a series of technology infrastructure projects involving 11 new power plants across South East Asia.

NewX Energy and BPP having signed an initial USD$2.6b contract, on 17, Jan 2020, with 11 more additional power plant projects in progress.

Is NXE token recession, economic downturn, and pandemic proof?

There will always be a demand for electricity in this world, and while the demand is constantly increasing, in line with the rise in global population, a more efficient production of energy is required to bring down the cost of energy.

Who is eligible for the 25% to 50% electricity bill rebate?

Any user that participates in the soft launch, and purchases the NXE token is eligible for the 25% to 50% rebate.

How can I apply for 25% to 50% electricity bill rebate?

Any user can apply for the 25% to 50% rebate, as long as KYC verification has been completed and submitted along with the required documents.

Conditions required to qualify for 25% to 50%electricity bill rebate

A- Minimum of 30 days lockup period

B- Minimum investment is 10 times the amount on the electricity bill, for example, (For a $100 Bill, the Investment amount is $1000)

C- 25% to 50% electricity rebate (Assuming monthly Billing is US$100, rebate equals US$25 to US$50 per month and is paid in NewNits)

D- Payment rebates of the monthly electricity bill will be equivalent to the current value of NXE.

E- Deposit of NewNits (for Rebate) will be made on a monthly basis within 7 to 14 days after submission and verification of the electricity bill.

F- Client must complete KYC verification as required on the NewX Website, upload the required documents, and submit proof of NXE purchase. (Screen shot from Pancake swap transaction)

G- Contact for questions: [email protected]

Who is eligible to receive staking rewards?

Users, who have locked up a minimum investment of $1,000 for a minimum of 6 months to 36 months will be eligible for staking rewards, which will be paid in NewNits.

Users can enjoy staking rewards up to 20% per annum for 36 months.

How can I purchase NXE tokens?

1- Purchase NXE token on Pancake swap, or

2- Purchase NXE token directly from NewX, please contact our team at [email protected] .

How to Buy the NewNits (NXE) Token on Metamask?

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